Power Vision System

And 'the fantastic new method devised by David De Angelis, for a natural recovery of sight from far and near (Myopia and Hyperopia), 
through simple exercises Stretching Ocular and Retinal Defocus.

The author of the text has tried on whether itself, which you can enhance and improve their distance vision, being able to eliminate his right eye and -2.25 -2.00 left eye myopia, up to regain the fateful 10/10!

Power Vision System is a method for those who they want to find a viable and effective, but above all natural, the use of eyeglasses.

"As I'm Healed from Myopia" describes a new method that is different from what mainstream medicine requires us as currently only remedies (glasses view, contact lenses, ortho-k lenses and laser surgery).
Those wishing to embark on the road of this revolutionary system, must have a strong motivation and willpower.

What are the difficulties of recovery from a defective sight?
The civilization of today requires quick results and immediate and does not listen to explanations. Many people may stop the effort in training at the slightest problem, or if an ophthalmologist uses "terror tactics" to them.

The author has diplomas, degrees or specific specializations which can give authority to his words.

If you seek academic credentials justifying the reading and application of the methods presented in the text, this book is not for you. 
If you're willing to listen, who like you, suffered once the frustration of not really see the world, in all its crisp beauty, then you treasure the content of this book  (or e-Book).

David De Angelis was based on scientific research of retinal defocus (see bibliography) who studied and then successfully tested on himself: so wrote "How are cured of Myopia "to make public his experience and provide the foundation for a new orientation of visual rehabilitation.
Through this sharing, there are hundreds of people who have already benefited.

In other states outside of Italy, as Switzerland, Spain, Germany etc .. esistonono other types of visual rehabilitation recognized and enforced by the doctors themselves, which in Italy unfortunately still does not happen except with very few willing optometrists.